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Young Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

art tribute Stan Lee - NazRon1
My young artist, Naz, holding his art tribute. Art medium: colored pencils. ©️

My kids and I revere the Avengers film series so much that our fondness for the characters extends even to Thanos. Yes! Even if he was behind the “snappy” deaths of many of our fave MCU characters we consider him as one of the best super villains ever created…

Without such great villain the heroes we esteem would not have the scintillating moments that made them exceptionally shine.

My kids and I have our own faves… Doctor Strange’s intellect and mystical powers spellbound my daughter, Naomi… The geeky yet cheery nature of Spidey amuses my son, Naz… My youngest, Naiyah, dotes upon Captain America’s might and prowess… And me, well, I applaud Iron Man‘s quick wit and comical charm…. 😁

As for the Avengers End Game (which we are so restlessly waiting to hit the cinema!), we did our own sort of MCU marathon. We re-watched the trilogies of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Included in the line up were the movies of Hulk, Ant Man (also with the Wasp), Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. Last week, we made sure not to miss Captain Marvel by heading to the theatre at a lick despite our busy schedule — (considering my work, plus my kids looming final exams 😅).


Just as the other MCU movies we watched, we eagerly anticipated for Stan Lee’s cameo in Captain Marvel. But then again, seeing him on that big screen proved a tad difficult knowing it could be one of the last two of his cameos (the other will likely be in the End Game movie)…

All his scenes might have been abrupt, trivial and short…. but they lasted in our post-movie talks and laughters far longer than many other scenes did.

I know these movies are all fictional… and they meant nothing compared with reality-inspired movies and documentaries… Still, we embrace these films to the core. What made these flicks so special to us is the connection we have built around them, not to mention the childhood memories I know I already ingrained in my scions as we watched together the films conceived largely by “The Man”… Stan Lee would never know that with his superhero ensemble my children and I cohered real good.

Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

When we heard the news of Stan Lee’s passing I somehow felt a sudden void… It was an uneasy fact to swallow. Even my kids felt sad, especially Naz, knowing that such great artist as Stan Lee already bid farewell for good… Stan Lee’s passing compelled Naz to make a Stan Lee tribute. Surely, Stan Lee will be remembered and will continue to inspire artists – both young and old. Here is a short Vid I made to document Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee.


Art medium: colored pencils. ©️
Art by NazRon. Art medium: colored pencils. ©️