Yin and Yang in love by Vix Maria
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Yin and Yang by Vix

I promised NaomiRose I’d post her “angel series” … but only after I’m done collecting all her “angel” artworks. So, for now, allow me to document my Yin and Yang sketches first.

I made two versions. Both of which were done while watching Stranger Things 3. I felt guilty I wasn’t able to give this season the attention it deserved. 😐 Well, I got caught up with my work. Then, I ended up sketching for a quick dose of fun and relaxation after the looong days of exhaustive thinking and writing for my biology work.

The first sketch is a simple Yin and Yang. Two people intertwined… like “night and day“. I really like the message incurred in Yin Yang symbol — a dark blotch in white and a spot of white in black. As if it says that on seemingly perfect days there could be some challenges lurking. Then on the other side of life is a silver lining on dark gloomy days.

The first version is a depiction of two individuals choosing to stay together whether the days are good or bad.

Yin and Yang 1

Yin and Yang version 1. Mech pencil drawing by Vix Maria. ©vix.ph
Yin and Yang version 1. Mech pencil drawing by Vix Maria. ©vix.ph

The second version is…. Well, this is what I originally had in mind years back. Yes!! Finally, I was able to draw the concept I concocted years ago. This yin and yang version is about two people hugging each other despite their “thorns”. They kept each other close in a painful, tight embrace.

In spite of getting hurt and probably dying from bleeding from the pains of an embrace they still hugged each other, crying… smiling.

I call this “Yin and Yang, in love”. Need I say more..?

Yin and Yang 2

Yin and Yang in love by Vix Maria
Yin and Yang, in love. Mech. pencil drawing by Vix Maria. ©vix.ph