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Yellow Orange Bird Logo Design

purpose of logo
Logo – bird by Maria Victoria ·vix· Gonzaga

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This logo is an alternative to the first one I created: Sun and Bird Logo Design. If it isn’t too obvious yet, it is a bird with an orange plumage on its head and yellow plumage for its wing. The bars – a total of four – depict its wing coverts. I made this logo as requested by a friend for his advocacy.

A logo’s purpose

Why is a logo important? Do I need a logo?

These are probably the first things that come to mind when starting a business. When you have a truly exciting product to sell, it is no surprise that you want to skip all these seemingly tiny details. But I’m telling you. They are as crucial.

A logo speaks your brand. It represents your product/service… your company… and you. When one sees your logo, it is a quick and free advertisement. Your logo has power.

What makes a logo design good? A good logo is one that is created not just to mix and match your favorite colors and shapes. Every millimeter and tone in your logo will matter. Every detail incorporated into that tiny figure will bear a meaning. It will speak about your company’s purpose, pledge, even history.

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