VSDC Video Editor Review and Tutorial by VixMaria
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VSDC free video Editor Tutorial and Review by an Artist

VSDC Video Editor Review and Tutorial by VixMaria

What is VSDC? What does VSDC stand for? Features?

Video Soft Development.com’s VSDC free video editor is a video editing tool that you can download and use for free. It has these cool features…

  • You can use it to process high-resolution footage, including 4k UHD, 3D, and VR 360-degree videos.
  • It allows you to apply post-production effects to make your vids even more lit.
  • You can add your nabbed vids, I mean, those screen-grabbed videos, and make some changes to make them yours… naaah, make sure to give credits!
  • It supports VirtualDub plug-ins,… Uhmmm! I don’t even use them so I have to check what I can get from them later. Maybe.
  • You can also record your golden voice for use in your vid masterpiece.
  • You can save your vid in various formats.
  • You can pre-configure your vid if you want to publish it on your socmed accounts, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, or Twitter. Def. worth your effort and time for that instant fame!

Basically, these are what this video editing tool promises. I hope these features will still be up and running when you read this. So for accuracy’s sake, be informed that some of these features may still be present, upgraded, or removed and therefore guaranteed only up to the date this was published.

Pros of VSDC free version

✔ It is free.
✔ It is fairly easy to use.
✔ You don’t have to worry about lagging and slow internet connectivity.
✔ You can work on your project even offline.

Cons of VSDC free version

✘ Restricted features.
✘ No available templates. You will create yours from scratch.
✘ If you want to be more creative with your vid project, prepare to spend more time and shell out a great effort.

If you want to know how to download and install VSDC on Windows 10, GO TO THIS SECTION: How to download and install VSDC in Windows 10

Are you ready to create your first vid project? OK! Let’s proceed! See below.

Creating videos for a website or YouTube channel using VSDC

I know you’re thrilled to make your first vid. So if you want to test the video editor now, skip the content creation steps. But if you’re at it, then, consider my tips below:

Content preparation tips:

  1.  Select a topic of choice. Something you are passionate about.
  2. Prepare your content. You may start with the captions first and then search for the appropriate media. Or, you could search for the media first and then the captions. Whichever works for you best. As for me, I start with writing the content fist and then searching for photos and vids to go with them.
  3. Here is a table template I used in preparing content:
Captions Img/Vid to use Source (For Credits section)
Caption 1 … Img 1 URL 1
Caption 2 … Vid 1 URL 2

Creating vid via VSDC Free Video Editor:

If you choose any of the options on the prompt it will take you to the official site’s tutorial page. This can be skipped by clicking the X button to close the prompt.

VSDC Free Video Editor 1

1. Select New project on the upper toolbar or choose from the icons under Start Project Now. So, let’s choose “Blank project”.

VSDC Free Video Editor 2

2. Specify your Project title, e.g. Project 2. The rest are optional. Like for example, you may want to change the vid’s dimensions. The width and height default setting (1280px width and 720px height) is one of the recommended settings for Youtube videos. When satisfied with your project settings, click Finish.

VSDC Free Video Editor 2

3. Now start adding objects, e.g. photos, videos, shapes, lines, text, … your call!

VSDC Free Video Editor 3

You can add by batch or you can add them one by one. If you add an image, for example, you will be prompted to click “OK” to apply the settings of your choice. In this example, I added an image.

VSDC Free Video Editor 4
So you have Scene 0 on the left panel. But since it’s a tiny image, I zoomed it in to a larger scale by deselecting the object, then hitting CTRL+ several times until my eyes were no longer straining.

Next, I added another object, this time, a vid from my stock files.

VSDC Free Video Editor 5

Since I did not make any changes to the default settings when I added my second object, I dragged it manually to where I wanted it. In this example, I set it to 00:00:10.

VSDC Free Video Editor 6

Then, I decided to add a rectangular object with text towards the end. So, I positioned the cursor by dragging it to the rightmost side. Next, I added shape and then the text.

VSDC Free Video Editor 7


How to edit the text in VSDC? Make sure to select the text. Next, click the Editor tab on the main menu on top. Format it, for example, via the Text color drop-down (for the font color), font type, size, spacing, and so on.

4. Then, make further modifications, like moving the objects up and down, the time duration, transitions… actually, there are a lot of customization options. Try them out. Play with it.

5. Now, when you’re satisfied with your masterpiece, it’s time to export your vid. To do that, on the main menu, click the tab: Export project. Click the red play button to see a preview. When you’re satisfied, click whichever output video format you like. For this test project, I chose “To MPG” then click “Export Project”.

VSDC Free Video Editor 8
6. VSDC seems to be tricking you for the last time to upgrade. A pop-up window will have premium features, like hardware acceleration. If you believe you can export your project even without the premium features, then, simply press ‘Continue’. It will then prompt you that the conversion was completed.

Congrats! You’re probably done with your vid! But don’t close it yet!

Where to find your exported VSDC vid? Look again at the previous VSDC screen. Search for Output file(s). That’s your clue. If you have not changed the directory, then, you will find it on the Videos folder of your PC by default.

If it does not play, you probably have no suitable player for your file. Go back to the VSDC screen and try to save on another format, like To AVI, then do the next steps again.

So, with all that, here is my result!

Hope you got yours up and running too!

Here is a sample of a video I created last year using more free features of VSDC.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you ever decide on editing your video again, you may do so. Save your vid. The file extension will be (*.vproj) and the default folder is FlashIntegro > VideoEditor. But be warned. Any of the objects, like images, videos, and audio, should neither be removed, renamed, nor relocated to another folder. Otherwise, you have to locate and add it to your vid project again. Worse, you’ll start from scratch if you delete the object even if you saved the file. But I really do hope that by the time you read this article, VSDC has already done something about this. But just to be sure, heed my advice.

How to download and install VSDC in Windows 10

Download Free VSDC Video Editor on their official website: x64 version or x32 version. To know which version, simply press and hold the Windows Key and the Pause key. Voila! Your screen will show you your PC’s basic info. Glean over till you see System type. If it says 64-bit, download the x64 version; if 32-bit, then, click x32 version. Close your PC’s basic info screen, it has already served its purpose. For the details on how to install the program, follow the instructions on their official website. But just so you don’t have to leave the site, here are the steps:

  1. Look for the program in the folder where you downloaded it. “Downloads” folder is my PC’s default, so it might be the same for you.
  2. Begin installing by clicking the video editor installer twice. A prompt will appear asking you if you want to run the file. Click “Run”.
  3. Select language, and click “OK”.
  4. Another prompt welcomes you and asks you if you’d like to continue by clicking “Next”. Obey.
  5. Now, you have to accept their terms. If not, you’ve just wasted your time so far because that means you won’t be able to use the app unless you agreed on their terms. So, choose “I accept…”, then click “Next”. Be sure to read their End-User License Agreement before you agree… because that’s what a responsible writer would say.
  6. Click “Next” again because you believe you’re ready.
  7. Select the destination location. If you’re unsure where to, just leave it on its default. Click “Next”, and another “Next”.
  8. Do you want additional tasks, like desktop icons and the like? If you’re done selecting with it, click “Next”.
  9. Finally, an Install button! Click it away.
  10. A prompt will tell you the installation is done and you just have to click Finish to exit the Setup.
  11. If you leave the checkmark on “Launch VSDC Free Video Editor”, then the app will be automatically launched before you.

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