Naiyah art 2016
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Simple lines of love by Nea

Seven-year-old Nea’s art love letter

NeaRej art 2016
Naiyah’s love letter to mom. © All rights reserved. You may not use, distribute, and/or edit this photo in any way. If you have any other concerns, contact me.

Art doesn’t have to be complicated and extraordinary to be appreciated…

My 7-yr old NeaRej drew this art love letter. She told me to post her artwork in China…. US… Japan……. Perhaps, what she truly meant was for me to post this for everyone to see. And so, I included her artwork here to make it viewable anywhere else in the world. Maybe, it could inspire children like her to draw more.

Art doesn’t have to be complicated to be appreciated. It is about expression. And, it can be done with simple lines and colors.

My daughter knows how darn excited I am when it comes to art. So, I’m pretty sure that what she really wants is simply to make mommy smile… for real! True enough… her loving gesture expressed through art is more than enough to turn this art extra special.