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Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing – an outré Chinese New Year emblem

I’m glad that my kids have the same feel for an artistic kind of “documenting”.

Yesterday (February 5) was a Chinese New Year holiday. So, we spent it together at home, … by watching a movie and playing PS4 games soon after my work. (Yep! Holidays evade me.. or is it I, evading holidays?!🤔) The kids got Minecraft while adults have, well… one of which is “Resident Evil 2”.

As for our binge-watching, we chose an all-time fave — James Cameron’s Titanic. The thing was… my kids couldn’t watch without snacks 🤨 — so while they were enjoying watching the movie — with their chuckles and shrieks — I was caught up in the kitchen to pacify their gut 🍿🍿🍿🍿. But it’s okay, really. I’ve seen the movie probably more than ten times already 🤭 … Besides, I also managed to make a fine deal. I asked Naz if he could make a Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing for me… He did return the favour. ☺️

Naz (who, btw, just turned 11y.o. last month! ❤️) made a Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing as I specifically requested. And when done, he told me that this was the first time he drew a female character (Claire Redfield). On the left was Leon S. Kennedy. I have to agree because I often see him draw male superheroes like SpiderMan, IronMan, …oh wait! even supervillains, like Thanos! (Hey! You might want to take a look at the superhero he created: Naz‘s orange-haired superhero)

This time, it’s quite different from his usual sketches: a Resident Evil 2 remake drawing inspired by the image found on the last page of the instruction booklet.

This artwork of Naz will be our weird, out-of-the-ordinary emblem for our recent holiday family bonding at home.😄

Happy Chinese New Year to all! 🤗💕🍿

Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing – by NazRon

Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing 2019 - NazRon
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