Milagro - mech pencil drawing by Vix Maria
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Miracle in prayers, one heart

Milagro - mech pencil drawing by Vix Maria
“Milagro” – mech pencil drawing by Maria Victoria ·vix· Gonzaga. © All rights reserved. You may not use, distribute, and/or edit this photo in any way. If you have any other concerns, contact me.

Many believed that year 2020 is going to be “The year”… Well, the decade ought to be the best reason to start out the grandest plan ever. But unabashed, the year started out far from what anyone had planned and imagined. We were in for a shock. 😶 And many of us had to stay inside like special edition figures inside our own boxes! 😑

On March 9, classes ended early. The school year was about to finish after a week of the final quarterly exams. But no! It was ended abruptly even if there’s only one week left till it’s over. Fourth-quarter exams were skipped. Grades were eventually computed based on recent quizzes, projects, and performance tasks. Seems a bit unfair but there’s no other apparent choice. Health is a top priority.

What’s even frustrating is the postponement of graduation rites.. oh, I pray that it would be moved —not removed. It’s alright to set it to a later date even if it means scheduling it next year (although I hope it will be earlier than that).

From quarantine —to enhanced quarantine —and the looming total lockdown… When is this going to end..?

We can’t simply go out of our houses when we want it and where we want to. We have to have an acceptable “reason”… like buying food, purchasing essentials, or make ATM transactions. And when we do, we got to wear a mask. Costume, if you will! — as long as you’re sure you will not breathe in the invisible tiny warlords to your precious life-breathing system.

Once we step out of the house we have to be absolutely on guard of everything. We can’t let anybody come close… not even someone we know. Floors are studded with demarcation lines; plastic walls are all over. We mustn’t lay our hands on anything suspicious. I can’t even take my change from cashiers without apprehensions. If it’s not rude to spray Lysol at any place outside, it will probably be a common thing. But we can’t go overboard. Thus, we seek comfort from hand sanitizers, alcohol, and wipes. These will do… I hope!

Speaking of alcohol, this is probably the longest time I have no taste of any liquor (because of the subsequent liquor ban). The farthest that I can get alcohol to my system is my skin, especially my hands. 🙄

How can the situation get even worse? If total lockdown pushes next week, we need to carry a quarantine pass whenever we go out, — that is, if we can be allowed to go out.

But amidst the inconvenience, I am thankful that my family and I are spared to this day, and, with prayers, to the entire duration of this crisis. The threat of the veerus is no joke. The agent of COVID-19 is a master of treachery. People harboring the virus spread it to others even before symptoms begin to appear. It doesn’t care who you are… or how much you care about the people around you…

So we have to make responsible decisions and the right course of action. Heeding warnings and protocols is a wise move. Keeping the body in good shape by eating right and doing regular workouts is essential. Staying inside the house may keep us away from the dreaded COVID-19 but we are not safe from depression and the worse feelings of isolation. Thus, we have to choose to stay above it and try to plan according to foreseeable scenarios. This worldwide predicament will certainly end. We have to survive the present and prepare for the next challenges in the future.

I pray for everyone’s wellness. Whatever faith we believe in. We need each other to win this.

The miracle lies in our hearts.

For closer view and initial sketches: view this vid.