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Easy high school fine art project ideas for online class

We definitely would want to learn from the art masters from the best art high schools. However, sometimes, it isn’t that easy. But fret not! We can also do fine art activities not just in school but also at home or outdoor. Read on and be inspired with our list of fine art project ideas.


Enjoyable high school fine art project ideas and activities that can be done at home

For schooldays that have to be spent online or at home, here are some fun and easy high school art project ideas. These high school art projects to do at home are ideal art lessons for high school students online.

1 Paper Clay Coloring

This art material comes with a printed board (e.g. 12″x15″), 12 colors of paper clay, and sticks. You will essentially color your material using colored paper clays and stick. Watch it below for a sample.

I really enjoyed doing this art back in 2016. It was given to me as a gift. For the appended story about paper clay coloring, read this story.

2 Oil Pastel painting

I love using oil pastels; I prefer them over crayons because you can easily blend the colors of your choice. And one of your basic tools is tissue paper to smoothen out the color. But hey! A dab of baby oil does that trick even better! Apply few drops of baby oil to your oil pastel art piece for that painting effect.

3 Masking tape art

Wanna make sure the colors won’t smudge and scatter all over the place? One of the biggest blunders when doing art is the colors crossing the line! Want them where they have to? Then, using masking tape for applying or layering colors one at a time is the answer to the effect you want to achieve.

4 Coffee painting

Yep! Coffee can be your medium if you want that “vintage” “retro” vibe! Just a tablespoon of coffee powder diluted to a tablespoon of water for a dark shade. Then, dilute further with water for a lighter shade. Then, voila! You may now use it to color your art.

5 Silhouette art

Silhouette art makes use of a dark background. That can be easily achieved by using black paper and then painting a subject on it. But if you have no available black paper, no worries! You can color the areas black where you want them to!  This art often uses night scenery as a theme. Here is a sample of art made by NaomiRose for her art school activity.

depiction of balance by NaomiRose
“Tree” artwork by NaomiRose. Oil pastel on paper.
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6 Mandala art

Mandala art is so satisfying to look at. The perfect symmetry is so fascinating that it can be habit-forming. It’s easy to do and an effective stress-buster. Here is my first ever try! ☺️

first mandala art by Vix
First mandala artwork by VixMaria.

7 Pointillism art

Circles depict infinity. Connect two dots and you get a line. So simple, so basic, yet so vital. A simple point can create an impact — like a drop of water over a watercolor! Pointillism is a great art project to emphasize the depth element in art.

Ellipses artwork by VixMaria
Digital ellipses design by VixMaria

8 Art journaling/Scrapbooking

This is another stress buster art activity ideal for high schoolers. While they are not too vocal about what they think and feel, a journal or scrapbook is a throve of memories portrayed in style.

9 Spin painting

Are you a physics fanatic? Why not learn in an artistic way? Spin painting is you conniving with the Earth! Through gravity,  create that stunning, one-of-a-kind abstract painting.

10 Melted crayon art

Don’t we all have a plethora of crayons? We tend to buy the whole thing when we only need to replace one. Or perhaps by now, you have a huge collection of tiny bits of crayons and they’re kind of difficult to hold and use. One of the ways you can still use it for art is to place the bits or shreds of crayons over to your drawing and then place a paper over to melt it using an iron.

And this list can still go on! These are fun and easy high school art project ideas for your art lessons that your online or at-home art classes can certainly enjoy!  How about outdoor art activities? These can also be done outside with the entire class. Additionally, you may also consider going to the next level… Joining art competitions!