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Fan art tribute: Iron Man 3000

Fan art tribute Iron Man - VixMaria
Fan-art tribute to my hero, Iron Man. Artist: Maria Victoria ·vix· Gonzaga. Art medium: HB mechanical pencil. © All rights reserved. You may not use, distribute, and/or edit this photo in any way. If you have any other concerns, contact me.

I don’t even know where to start… okay.. here it goes… I mentioned in one of my posts how my kids and I were so eager to watch the last of the Avengers… And so when an advance booking was finally available at our fave cinema, I secured our tickets right away… And after a month of waiting, April 24th finally came. I was both thrilled and anxious — excited about how the story would go… worried how it would end…

Quick review: Avengers EndGame

I have to say Avengers EndGame did live up to its hype. It was indeed the best superhero film I’ve seen so far… But as the story unfolds towards the end, I failed to hold back my tears… My eyes could hardly accept how the Russo Brothers were steering the movie towards its culmination.

Mark Ruffalo was right when he warned the viewers to prepare because they’d probably grieve.

I am, still, grieving.

In spite of some heart-wrenching scenes, the movie is definitely marvelous. I’m glad I was able to watch such an epic movie with my kids. It would probably take many years before a movie could surpass this feat. It shocked us over the unexpected, kept us entertained by its comicality, and left us with stimulating insights. Seeing Stan Lee’s last cameo was a neat treat as well.

Fan-art tribute: Iron Man (Avengers EndGame)

Previously, I mentioned that of all the Avengers, Iron Man has been my favorite. And I’m gonna say it again with pride – Iron Man remains my favorite, about 3000 times. 🙂

As a tribute, I made a mech pencil drawing of Iron Man last night (April 28) … simply because I just couldn’t move on.. As they said, “Some people move on… but not us.” ❤️