Child's Pain - by VixMaria ©vix·ph
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“Child’s Pain” – by VixMaria

Child's Pain - by VixMaria ©vix·ph
“Child’s Pain” – poem and photo “Curious Little Girl” by Maria Victoria ·vix· Gonzaga (NCR, Philippines), on July 6, 2014.  ©vix·ph


I guess most of us went from one frustration to another… and so promised ourselves that when we’d be older, we’d make sure our scions tread a path far different from ours.

But in reality, we cannot provide a life that is filled with nothing but laughter and victories. We wish to protect our brood from thunderstorms, cobbles, and stones with our mighty wings but life is stern. It reminds us many times that not everything is something that we can outrightly control — no matter how valiant, no matter how dutiful.

I reached the future I used to foresee when I was still a child. Learnt, as I seem, I dealt with the hard truth that the child has to learn, has to stumble, and cry.

But through it all, I will abide and linger, hopefully to the day that life eventually lays clear a purpose to the feisty, the downhearted, and the unsure.


… Of shattered dreams
…. Of broken hearts

How can a child
Win a genuine love?
… A genuine care?
From a mother’s hug
From a father’s dare
Show off his love?

Dreams … avast!
Death … at last!

Hymn of the heart
Not a sound of joy
The warmth
Tepid in coy

I have a house
of broken dreams
I have a life
Do I exist?

~ Maria Victoria ·vix· Gonzaga