beauty and the beast - by VixMaria
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Beast and Belle – art

beauty and the beast - by VixMaria
Faber Castell 2B (mechanical pencil) on paper, Feb. 25, 2017 ©

Art.. like someone you love.. cannot wait for the perfect time… Sometimes, it calls you… and when it does, you heed… no matter how busy you are…- Vix Maria

This drawing was done on February 25, 2017. I was busy at work… but then I decided to take a break and draw something I believed my eldest daughter, would appreciate. I promised her I’d draw something for her during summer. She would tease me I only draw when she’s not around… Well, that’s because it was still school time then.. but now it’s summer vacation I got no excuse.. :>

So that was it! I sketched a tiny drawing from a popular scene from the movie “Beauty and the Beast”… Obviously, the inspiration was the heroine of the movie, Emma Watson.. 😎 …plus, for a reason that I want to keep to myself…. 😀

When done, I showed it to her and she liked it very much. “Finally!” She said. And thanked me for it. <3

I know art takes time.. but sometimes you just have to let it flow.. and make the moment perfect. :>