Art Circle Gallery 2018
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Art Circle Gallery Viewing (20 May 2018)

Art Circle Gallery 2018
Posing behind one of the great paintings exhibited in the Art Circle Gallery, 2018

When I had a chance to visit MegaMall I would visit the Art Circle Gallery (and all the other art galleries) on the 5th floor of the mall. Last May of this year, I took my 12-year-old daughter there to show various paintings and artworks. I’m surprised that she was able to appreciate them as much as I did! She even allowed me to take a photo of her beside the “Shy Girl” painting. She said she could relate to it so well.

There was one artwork where both of us were simply amazed by it. The artwork looked like a photo with cut-outs. But it was a painting. We could not find the title of the art piece. And, unfortunately, the part of the vid wherein we were talking about how amazing that painting was was unfortunately not clear and audible. But then, my daughter and I definitely enjoyed viewing these awesome artworks.


Art Circle Gallery – MegaMall (May 20, 2018)