Selfish gene comic by VixMaria
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Art & Biology Rendezvous

Selfish gene comic by VixMaria
Selfish DNA comic by Maria Victoria ·vix· Gonzaga. They’re DNA, fighting yet enjoying — apparently, as paradoxical as their name! Selfish genes aren’t exactly “selfish”… Yes! They do compete for a “seat” in the genome. But, they do so as an act of “altruism” to increase the odds of their survival in an ever-competitive gene pool.

I’ve been so busy with my biology writings at work that I get to set aside… I had written so much that I felt I was too exhausted to write another word. Talk about love and dedication to science! But I love artistic expressions as much! I just think that Art will understand me better than Biology Science will. Hahah! In other banal words, I gotta prioritize my work over art not because I love art much less… but because I don’t want to lose it one day. I need to fuel up so that I could sustain my artwebbie’s existence as well.

But I think Art is cognizant of how much it is a part of me… (just as biology is). One proof is the crisscrossing of art and biology I did at work.

Here is a sample of my artwork from the heaps of my biology writings currently published in BiologyOnline.

Art and Biology… in an esoteric rendezvous

The simple sketch was from my biology blog post, SELFISH GENE – selfish to persist. If you feel like immersing into the humdrum of biology and genes, you may want to check it out.

So while I fail to update my personal website on a regular basis, it is because I am merely caught up in equally-important adult stuff.😄 But hey! I am far from giving up! I only need to sacrifice a bit to keep things going… like my own sort of altruism. 😉

Ever since started I have been the only one making both ends meet for my dear artwebbie. Yep, the sole person behind! In spite of that, it is something I’d certainly consider as one of my greatest feats. My legacy for art’s sake, most especially for my art-enthusiast scions! ☺️❤️