Design Home app review
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App Review: Design Home

Design Home app review
Design Home app review

Design Home is definitely a great design app in mobiles right now. It’s a quick fix when you want to unleash your creativity… 😀 The only downside is that you need to carefully choose which challenges to take since you will have limited diamonds and $$ to “buy” the items to match a theme you are rooting for. You will be given daily rewards, like 500 diamonds and 20 keys. Believe me! Those rewards can easily go *poof* while doing a challenge. Moreover, it’s so easy to get caught up between the most suitable, yet expensive, items and the ones that are within the “budget” but often are less stylish.

Design Home app

You may want to check out the app: Design Home from your mobile appstore!

When you feel you’re satisfied with your design, you can then submit it but you will need keys (the required number depends on the challenge you’re in). But you don’t have to worry much about the keys since you can simply earn them by voting. Having said that, yes! The other ”designers” will also be voting! And chances are, they may choose yours over the randomly opposing design.

Based on anonymous votes, you will earn stars for your work. 5-stars is the highest, and 1, the lowest. You will be rewarded diamonds if you get five stars and items that you can use in future challenges when you get at least 4 stars.

The first interior design I made, which garnered 4.42 rating. not bad for a noob, right? ☺️

Although I started playing this game in August 2017, I skipped it for a long time because I didn’t want to spend “real money” on any app. Well, that’s because you can purchase diamonds! 🙂 But then, I started playing the game again but only recently. Besides, I decided I could share some of my designs that earned decent stars. I’m going to use the tag: design home for the ensuing design entrees I am about to upload. It might be useful to others as a quick reference for insightful designs that can be applied in the real world! As the app says, “happy designing!” 😉