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Did you ever dream of something you believe is worth capturing but felt it was difficult to pursue? …That no matter how hard it seems achieving you simply cannot let go because you know you can go for it? That’s how I felt when I decided turning my dream into a reality. From nothing, a website emerged — vix.ph.

Capturing a fragile dream

In spite of the obstacles along the way, I continued to take wobbly steps one at a time. And like a tot braving to take the first steps on his own, I experienced one failure after another. Some of them were acceptable. Others were simply hard to accept and frustrating. I was even close to giving up.

But with the gracious help from the experts, I felt endeared, thus re-motivated. And perhaps it is by the law of nature in us that the more we stagger and stumble, the more we are eager to rise up. Perhaps, it is because we believe in a dream fueled by good intention is worth it all.

Vix.ph is a dream come true for me. Not only will it be my fondest sanctuary where I can freely immerse myself in art. More than that, it will also be my legacy to my three “lovies” — my children….

“Life, Art, & Passion!” — That’s the theme of vix.ph… I’d be happy if you could join me in this artistic facet of my life’s journey.

My Story

I am Maria Victoria Gonzaga (Vix Maria), a biologist and an artist. I created vix·ph for me to channel my passion for an uncanny fusion: life science and art

My childhood years were spent mostly in one the most populous metro cities in the Philippines. Since a child, I have loved to draw anything. But mostly, the subjects were living creatures. It was a perfect tool for me to get to know them a little better. It was as if I was drawing to immortalize their uniqueness. No one is the same as it was yesterday. A tree is different each day. Sometimes, you just have to give a good look and appreciate who or what they are precisely before you.

I’ve spent most of my adult years appreciating the intelligent design of nature. And how delighted I have been till now that I was given the opportunity to share this passion as a Natural Science college teacher while I was also a student myself of MSc. in a university in the Philippines.  But soon, fate teased me. While I was on the edge of finishing the program, I was also offered to join a team of scientists in a hospital research center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I decided to leave home and embark on a whole new journey, which for me was a magnanimous milestone in my career as a biologist. 

After four years, I returned home. Fate called upon me once again. This time, it was time to bring forth life that would bear my chromosomes. Three lovely children. How can I ever leave again? Privileged, I am able to stay by their side while fulfilling my commitment to Biology, this time, as a website editor.

When I am overwhelmed by a wave of biology facts at work, I find solace in the creative feat that art kindles. I find an inexplicable contentment seeing multifarious lines and colors take a harmonized form. Through this website, I intend to share my passion for art and my vast appreciation of life to anyone who can relate as much. Welcome to vix.ph!

Unfolding, revealing the art in nature, people, emotions, and weirdness.

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    Art Circle Gallery 2018
    Date: 2022 

    Venue: The Link, Ayala Center

    Hey! A 3-day fair in 2022 that is not ought to be missed by art-lovers!

    Entrance fee:

    • General Admission: 350 PHP
    • Students: 150 PHP
    • Makati Students: 100 PHP

    Mediums: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, etc.

    Art Periods: Modern, Contemporary

    Contact: Art Fair Philippines