11yo Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s passing compelled my young Naz to make an art tribute to Stan Lee. It was all his idea to create one to honor Stan Lee’s legacy. This — which he dubbed as his “project” — took him about three weekends to finish. No pressures! only love and appreciation to the Marvel’s inspirational icon…. Surely, Stan Lee will be remembered and will continue to inspire artists – both young and old.

You’ll find in this short Vid of young Naz’s full-hearted artwork tribute to “The Man”. For the full blog story, you may want to read: Young Naz’s art tribute…

Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

Young Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

My kids and I revere the Avengers film series so much that our fondness for the characters extends even to Thanos. Yes! Even if he was behind the “snappy” deaths of many of our fave MCU characters we consider him as one of the best super villains ever created…

Without such great villain the heroes we esteem would not have the scintillating moments that made them exceptionally shine.

My kids and I have our own faves… Doctor Strange’s intellect and mystical powers spellbound my daughter, Naomi… The geeky yet cheery nature of Spidey amuses my son, Naz… My youngest, Naiyah, dotes upon Captain America’s might and prowess… And me, well, I applaud Iron Man‘s quick wit and comical charm…. 😁

As for the Avengers End Game (which we are so restlessly waiting to hit the cinema!), we did our own sort of MCU marathon. We re-watched the trilogies of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Included in the line up were the movies of Hulk, Ant Man (also with the Wasp), Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. Last week, we made sure not to miss Captain Marvel by heading to the theatre at a lick despite our busy schedule — (considering my work, plus my kids looming final exams 😅).



Just as the other MCU movies we watched, we eagerly anticipated for Stan Lee’s cameo in Captain Marvel. But then again, seeing him on that big screen proved a tad difficult knowing it could be one of the last two of his cameos (the other will likely be in the End Game movie)…

All his scenes might have been abrupt, trivial and short…. but they lasted in our post-movie talks and laughters far longer than many other scenes did.

I know these movies are all fictional… and they meant nothing compared with reality-inspired movies and documentaries… Still, we embrace these films to the core. What made these flicks so special to us is the connection we have built around them, not to mention the childhood memories I know I already ingrained in my scions as we watched together the films conceived largely by “The Man”… Stan Lee would never know that with his superhero ensemble my children and I cohered real good.


Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

When we heard the news of Stan Lee’s passing I somehow felt a sudden void… It was an uneasy fact to swallow. Even my kids felt sad, especially Naz, knowing that such great artist as Stan Lee already bid farewell for good… Stan Lee’s passing compelled Naz to make a Stan Lee tribute. Surely, Stan Lee will be remembered and will continue to inspire artists – both young and old. Here is a short Vid I made to document Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee.




Art tribute to Stan Lee
My young artist, Naz, holding his art tribute. Art medium: colored pencils. ©️vix.ph

Art by: Naz. Art medium: Colored pencils. ©️vix.ph


Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing – an outré Chinese New Year emblem

I’m glad that my kids have the same feel for an artistic kind of “documenting”.

Yesterday (February 5) was a Chinese New Year holiday. So, we spent it together at home, … by watching a movie and playing PS4 games soon after my work. (Yep! Holidays evade me.. or is it I, evading holidays?!🤔) The kids got Minecraft while adults have, well… one of which is “Resident Evil 2”.

As for our binge-watching, we chose an all-time fave — James Cameron’s Titanic. The thing was… my kids couldn’t watch without snacks 🤨 — so while they were enjoying watching the movie — with their chuckles and shrieks — I was caught up in the kitchen to pacify their gut 🍿🍿🍿🍿. But it’s okay, really. I’ve seen the movie probably more than ten times already 🤭 … Besides, I also managed to make a fine deal. I asked Naz if he could make a Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing for me… He did return the favour. ☺️

Naz (who, btw, just turned 11y.o. last month! ❤️) made a Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing as I specifically requested. And when done, he told me that this was the first time he drew a female character (Claire Redfield). On the left was Leon S. Kennedy. I have to agree because I often see him draw male superheroes like SpiderMan, IronMan, …oh wait! even supervillains, like Thanos! (Hey! You might want to take a look at the superhero he created: Naz‘s orange-haired superhero)

This time, it’s quite different from his usual sketches: a Resident Evil 2 remake drawing inspired by the image found on the last page of the instruction booklet.

This artwork of Naz will be our weird, out-of-the-ordinary emblem for our recent holiday family bonding at home.😄


“Happy Chinese New Year to all!” 🤗💕🍿

~ Ria •vix• Maria



Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing – by Naz

Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing by Naz

A Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing by Naz as inspired by the image found on the last page of the instruction booklet.


resident evil 2 remake drawing by Naz

A closer view of Naz’s Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing


Naz‘s orange-haired superhero

They say that the dad is the son’s superhero… Well, I cannot argue with that. Truly, my Naz’s superhero is none other than his Dad.

Actually, any parent is a superhero in the eyes of a child… Dad — or mom — is someone the child looks up to with the utmost regard. Children emulate how their parents look, how they speak, and basically, how they deal with about anything… especially, during a difficult situation that calls for a swift action. To them, their parents seem to have super powers. 😎

To us, parents, of course, that is super challenging. Disappointing them is the least we intend to do. And so, we hardly ever expose our weaknesses. It is not really for the reason that we pretend to deceive. It’s more of proving to them that we are someone worthy of their trust and hope. We, as if automatic, become paragon of valour.

For our children’s sake, we instantly become superheroes endowed with extraordinary prowess and might. Little did they know though that they are our vital source of strength and purpose. For that, they, too, become our superheroes. ☺️

Here is my 10yo Naz’s drawing of one of his superhero protagonists in his journal tales. I have to ask again though about the name and the kind of super powers this character has. For now, I will call him “orange-haired” superhero. 🤔☺️

Naz’s “orange-haired” superhero

Crayons on paper. Drawing by Naz
Crayons on paper. Drawing by Naz on August 30, 2018. ©vix.ph

Sembo Block City Street series (SD6501-6503) assembled by Naz

If there is one toy that 10-yr-old Naz has to choose for a gift, the answer is simple… — blocks!  😎

The first time he learned about building blocks was when he was five. It was a gift. The first one he built was a car. Since then, he has always requested for more blocks as gift — from the simplest to the more complicated blocks available. He even dubbed himself as the “Lego Master“.

Naz realized how amazing it felt to create. He realized how chaos can turn into something spectacular if you just have to focus on the goal and to stick to the “plan”.

But, there are instances, too, when he just could care less. And I am glad about how he’s not obsessed with following nothing but the “plan”.  There are times when he sets the instruction kit aside and then creates from his heart and mind.

Naz has amazing drawing skills. I believe he has the hands of a good artist and eyes like a hawk, with specs…  hahah 😉 But he is more interested in assembling blocks than drawing. And that is alright! For me, assembling blocks is an applied form of art.

I don’t want to impose, of course, but I hope his enthusiasm for blocks may inspire him in the future to taking the steps toward a future career plan that he will be passionate about. Well, I can dream, too!  🙂

Below is a vid of one of his blocks he assembled all by himself. This is the first of his blocks with LED lighting — it was a neat surprise. 😉 This vid shows the completed Wal Mart Sembo Block (SD 6502) he assembled in less than half an hour. The Barber Shop set was not available when we purchased the other three of the Sembo Block city street series. Because of that, the blocks included Wal Mart, Fire Brigade, and Holiday Inn sets only.

Sembo Block City Street series – assembled by Naz