When moon and sun collide

A depiction of “balance” … A silhouette of life when the moon and the sun collide….  🙂
– Ria ·vix· Maria

This drawing was done yesterday night — when everything was silent but the mind and the heart of an artistic scion — NaomiRose.

Well, this artwork is meant to be for a Grade 7 (school) art project with a theme “balance”. This explains the sun and the moon overlapping and side by side. Well, the idea and the concept were all hers. When it comes to art, I let my children create and express on their own. I want them to hone their confidence with their craft.

I decided to include her work here hoping to collate all her artworks by a tag — NaomiRose. So, expect more from her very soon. She really has neat and insightful artworks to share.


A depiction of balance

Depiction of balance by NaomiRose.

Oil pastel on paper by NaomiRose. ©vix.ph