• art tribute Stan Lee - NazRon1
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    Young Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

    My kids and I revere the Avengers film series so much that our fondness for the characters extends even to Thanos. Yes! Even if he was behind the “snappy” deaths of many of our fave MCU characters we consider him…

  • Crayons on paper by NazRon
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    Naz‘s orange-haired superhero

      Above is my 10-yo Naz’s drawing of one of his superhero protagonists in his journal tales. I have to ask again though the name and the kind of superpowers this character has. For now, I will call him an…

  • NeaRej art 2016
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    Simple lines of love by Nea

    “Art doesn’t have to be complicated and extraordinary to be appreciated…” – Ria ·vix· Maria Seven-year-old Nea’s art love letter My 7-yr old NeaRej drew this art love letter. She told me to post her artwork in China…. US… Japan…….…