Yin and Yang by Vix

I promised NaomiRose I’d post her “angel series” … but only after I’m done collecting all her “angel” artworks. So, for now, allow me to document my Yin and Yang sketches first.

I made two versions. Both of which were done while watching Stranger Things 3. I felt guilty I wasn’t able to give this season the attention it deserved. 😐 Well, I got caught up with my work. Then, I ended up sketching for a quick dose of fun and relaxation after the looong days of exhaustive thinking and writing for my biology work.

The first sketch is a simple Yin and Yang. Two people intertwined… like “night and day“. I really like the message incurred in Yin Yang symbol — a dark blotch in white and a spot of white in black. As if it says that on seemingly perfect days there could be some challenges lurking. Then on the other side of life is a silver lining on dark gloomy days.

The first version is a depiction of two individuals choosing to stay together whether the days are good or bad.

Yin and Yang 1

yin ang yang version 1

Yin and Yang version 1. Mech pencil drawing by Ria •vix• Maria. ©vix.ph

The second version is…. Well, this is what I originally had in mind years back. Yes!! Finally, I was able to draw the concept I concocted years ago. This yin and yang version is about two people hugging each other despite their “thorns”. They kept each other close in a painful, tight embrace.

In spite of getting hurt and probably dying from bleeding from the pains of an embrace they still hugged each other, crying… smiling.

I call this “Yin and Yang, in love”. Need I say more..?

Yin and Yang 2

Yin and Yang, in love. Mech. pencil drawing by Ria •vix• Maria. ©vix.ph

Yin and Yang, in love. Mech. pencil drawing by Ria •vix• Maria. ©vix.ph


Naz‘s orange-haired superhero

They say that the dad is the son’s superhero… Well, I cannot argue with that. Truly, my Naz’s superhero is none other than his Dad.

Actually, any parent is a superhero in the eyes of a child… Dad — or mom — is someone the child looks up to with the utmost regard. Children emulate how their parents look, how they speak, and basically, how they deal with about anything… especially, during a difficult situation that calls for a swift action. To them, their parents seem to have super powers. 😎

To us, parents, of course, that is super challenging. Disappointing them is the least we intend to do. And so, we hardly ever expose our weaknesses. It is not really for the reason that we pretend to deceive. It’s more of proving to them that we are someone worthy of their trust and hope. We, as if automatic, become paragon of valour.

For our children’s sake, we instantly become superheroes endowed with extraordinary prowess and might. Little did they know though that they are our vital source of strength and purpose. For that, they, too, become our superheroes. ☺️

Here is my 10yo Naz’s drawing of one of his superhero protagonists in his journal tales. I have to ask again though about the name and the kind of super powers this character has. For now, I will call him “orange-haired” superhero. 🤔☺️

Naz’s “orange-haired” superhero

Crayons on paper. Drawing by Naz
Crayons on paper. Drawing by Naz on August 30, 2018. ©vix.ph

Art, when timeless…

“Art.. like someone you love.. cannot wait for the perfect time… Sometimes, it calls you… and when it does, you heed… no matter how busy you are…”
– Ria ·vix· Maria

Beast and Belle – art

beast and belle art

Faber Castell 2B (mechanical pencil) on paper, Feb. 25, 2017 ©vix.ph


This drawing was done on February 25, 2017. I was busy at work… but then I decided to take a break and draw something I believed my eldest daughter, would appreciate. I promised her I’d draw something for her during summer. She would tease me I only draw when she’s not around… Well, that’s because it was still school time then.. but now it’s summer vacation I got no excuse.. :>

So that was it! I sketched a tiny drawing from a popular scene from the movie “Beauty and the Beast”… Obviously, the inspiration was the heroine of the movie, Emma Watson..  😎  …plus, for a reason that I want to keep to myself….  😀

When done, I showed it to her and she liked it very much. “Finally!” She said. And thanked me for it. <3

I know art takes time.. but sometimes you just have to let it flow.. and make the moment perfect. :>


Simple lines of love by NaIyah

“Art doesn’t have to be complicated and extraordinary to be appreciated…”
– Ria ·vix· Maria

My seven-year-old NaIyah’s art love letter

NaIyah's love letter to mom ©vix.ph

Artwork by NaIyah on July 26, 2016. ©vix.ph



My 7-yr old NaIyah drew this art love letter. She told me to post her artwork in China…. US… Japan……. Perhaps, what she truly meant was for me to post this for everyone to see.  And so, I included her artwork here to make it viewable anywhere else in the world. Maybe, it could inspire children like her to draw more.

Art doesn’t have to be complicated to be appreciated. It is about expression. And, it can be done with simple lines and colors.

My daughter knows how darn excited I am when it comes to art. So, I’m pretty sure that what she really wants is simply to make mommy smile… for real! True enough… her loving gesture expressed through art is more than enough to turn this art extra special.