11yo Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s passing compelled my young Naz to make an art tribute to Stan Lee. It was all his idea to create one to honor Stan Lee’s legacy. This — which he dubbed as his “project” — took him about three weekends to finish. No pressures! only love and appreciation to the Marvel’s inspirational icon…. Surely, Stan Lee will be remembered and will continue to inspire artists – both young and old.

You’ll find in this short Vid of young Naz’s full-hearted artwork tribute to “The Man”. For the full blog story, you may want to read: Young Naz’s art tribute…

Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

Sembo Block City Street series (SD6501-6503) assembled by Naz

If there is one toy that 10-yr-old Naz has to choose for a gift, the answer is simple… — blocks!  😎

The first time he learned about building blocks was when he was five. It was a gift. The first one he built was a car. Since then, he has always requested for more blocks as gift — from the simplest to the more complicated blocks available. He even dubbed himself as the “Lego Master“.

Naz realized how amazing it felt to create. He realized how chaos can turn into something spectacular if you just have to focus on the goal and to stick to the “plan”.

But, there are instances, too, when he just could care less. And I am glad about how he’s not obsessed with following nothing but the “plan”.  There are times when he sets the instruction kit aside and then creates from his heart and mind.

Naz has amazing drawing skills. I believe he has the hands of a good artist and eyes like a hawk, with specs…  hahah 😉 But he is more interested in assembling blocks than drawing. And that is alright! For me, assembling blocks is an applied form of art.

I don’t want to impose, of course, but I hope his enthusiasm for blocks may inspire him in the future to taking the steps toward a future career plan that he will be passionate about. Well, I can dream, too!  🙂

Below is a vid of one of his blocks he assembled all by himself. This is the first of his blocks with LED lighting — it was a neat surprise. 😉 This vid shows the completed Wal Mart Sembo Block (SD 6502) he assembled in less than half an hour. The Barber Shop set was not available when we purchased the other three of the Sembo Block city street series. Because of that, the blocks included Wal Mart, Fire Brigade, and Holiday Inn sets only.

Sembo Block City Street series – assembled by Naz

Art Circle Gallery Viewing (20 May 2018)

When I had a chance to visit MegaMall I would visit the Art Circle Gallery (and all the other art galleries) on the 5th floor of the mall. Last May of this year, I took my 12-year-old daughter there to show various paintings and artworks. I’m surprised that she was able to appreciate them as much as I did! She even allowed me to take a photo of her beside the “Shy Girl” painting. She said she could relate to it so well.

There was one artwork where both of us were simply amazed by it.  The artwork looked like a photo with cut-outs. But it was a painting. We could not find the title of the art piece. And, unfortunately, the part of the vid wherein we were talking about how amazing that painting was was unfortunately not clear and audible. But then, my daughter and I definitely enjoyed viewing these awesome artworks.


Art Circle Gallery – MegaMall (May 20, 2018)

Paperclay coloring art – “Woman & Music”

I had a very nice gift — a paperclay coloring — last year’s Christmas (2015)… This was my first time I had this type of art material. The package came with a 12″x15″ printed board and 12 colors of paperclay.  I was surprised to see that the image on the printed board was one in which I would have probably chosen myself. Basically, it was about a woman’s enchanting beauty, music, and flowers… Still, they left me with the option as to which color that each gap — that tiny freaking space between the two lines — must have….. So, it was fun!

Here is a short vid I made to show how paperclay coloring is done. The paperclay colors, printed board, and sticks were from JNBM Paperclay.

Paperclay coloring