Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing – an outré Chinese New Year emblem

I’m glad that my kids have the same feel for an artistic kind of “documenting”.

Yesterday (February 5) was a Chinese New Year holiday. So, we spent it together at home, … by watching a movie and playing PS4 games soon after my work. (Yep! Holidays evade me.. or is it I, evading holidays?!🤔) The kids got Minecraft while adults have, well… one of which is “Resident Evil 2”.

As for our binge-watching, we chose an all-time fave — James Cameron’s Titanic. The thing was… my kids couldn’t watch without snacks 🤨 — so while they were enjoying watching the movie — with their chuckles and shrieks — I was caught up in the kitchen to pacify their gut 🍿🍿🍿🍿. But it’s okay, really. I’ve seen the movie probably more than ten times already 🤭 … Besides, I also managed to make a fine deal. I asked Naz if he could make a Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing for me… He did return the favour. ☺️

Naz (who, btw, just turned 11y.o. last month! ❤️) made a Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing as I specifically requested. And when done, he told me that this was the first time he drew a female character (Claire Redfield). On the left was Leon S. Kennedy. I have to agree because I often see him draw male superheroes like SpiderMan, IronMan, …oh wait! even supervillains, like Thanos! (Hey! You might want to take a look at the superhero he created: Naz‘s orange-haired superhero)

This time, it’s quite different from his usual sketches: a Resident Evil 2 remake drawing inspired by the image found on the last page of the instruction booklet.

This artwork of Naz will be our weird, out-of-the-ordinary emblem for our recent holiday family bonding at home.😄


“Happy Chinese New Year to all!” 🤗💕🍿

~ Ria •vix• Maria



Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing – by Naz

Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing by Naz

A Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing by Naz as inspired by the image found on the last page of the instruction booklet.


resident evil 2 remake drawing by Naz

A closer view of Naz’s Resident Evil 2 Remake drawing


Art & Biology Rendezvous

I’ve been so busy with my biology writings at work that i get to set aside… I had written so much that i felt i was too exhausted to write another word.  Talk about love and dedication to science! But i love artistic expressions as much! I just think that Art will understand me better than Biology Science will. Hahah! In other banal words, i gotta prioritize my work over art not because i love art much less… but because i don’t want to lose it one day. I need to fuel up so that i could sustain my artwebbie’s existence as well.

But I think Art is cognizant of how much it is a part of me… (just as biology is). One proof is the crisscrossing of art and biology I did at work.

Here is a sample of my artwork from the heaps of my biology writings currently published in Biology-Online.

Art and Biology… in an esoteric rendezvous

Art and biology crisscrossed

They’re DNA, fighting yet enjoying — apparently, as paradoxical as their name! Selfish genes aren’t exactly “selfish”… Yes! They do compete for a “seat” in the genome. But, they do so as an act of “altruism” to increase the odds of their survival in an ever-competitive gene pool.


This simple sketch was from my biology blog post, SELFISH GENE – selfish to persist. If you feel like immersing into the humdrum of biology and genes, you may want to check it out.

So while i fail to update my personal website on a regular basis, it is because I am merely caught up in an equally-important adult stuff.😄 But hey! I am far from giving up! I only need to sacrifice a bit to keep things going… like my own sort of altruism. 😉

Ever since started i have been the only one making both ends meet for my dear artwebbie. Yep, the sole person behind! In spite of that, it is something I’d certainly consider as one of my greatest feats. My legacy for art’s sake, most especially for my art-enthusiast scions! ☺️❤️



Naz‘s orange-haired superhero

They say that the dad is the son’s superhero… Well, I cannot argue with that. Truly, my Naz’s superhero is none other than his Dad.

Actually, any parent is a superhero in the eyes of a child… Dad — or mom — is someone the child looks up to with the utmost regard. Children emulate how their parents look, how they speak, and basically, how they deal with about anything… especially, during a difficult situation that calls for a swift action. To them, their parents seem to have super powers. 😎

To us, parents, of course, that is super challenging. Disappointing them is the least we intend to do. And so, we hardly ever expose our weaknesses. It is not really for the reason that we pretend to deceive. It’s more of proving to them that we are someone worthy of their trust and hope. We, as if automatic, become paragon of valour.

For our children’s sake, we instantly become superheroes endowed with extraordinary prowess and might. Little did they know though that they are our vital source of strength and purpose. For that, they, too, become our superheroes. ☺️

Here is my 10yo Naz’s drawing of one of his superhero protagonists in his journal tales. I have to ask again though about the name and the kind of super powers this character has. For now, I will call him “orange-haired” superhero. 🤔☺️

Naz’s “orange-haired” superhero

Crayons on paper. Drawing by Naz
Crayons on paper. Drawing by Naz on August 30, 2018. ©

Mandala Flower Art

My first ever mandala art! It is never too late to try new things!

Firstly, I’m glad I tried to search for the WordPress app! Now, I can be able to post during my free and most convenient time straight from my mobile phone. I should have done this before! I could have posted and shared a lot! My children and I are so into art that we just doodle about anything… and create and express ourselves through art. ☺️

Secondly, I doodled a mandala art for the first time… Below is the first attempt I made the other day. I find it truly relaxing and at the same time fun! And again, I regret it was only recently that I tried. ☺️

Mandala flower art

First mandala art 

Illustrator: Ria •vix• Maria. ©

When moon and sun collide

A depiction of “balance” … A silhouette of life when the moon and the sun collide….  🙂
– Ria ·vix· Maria

This drawing was done yesterday night — when everything was silent but the mind and the heart of an artistic scion — NaomiRose.

Well, this artwork is meant to be for a Grade 7 (school) art project with a theme “balance”. This explains the sun and the moon overlapping and side by side. Well, the idea and the concept were all hers. When it comes to art, I let my children create and express on their own. I want them to hone their confidence with their craft.

I decided to include her work here hoping to collate all her artworks by a tag — NaomiRose. So, expect more from her very soon. She really has neat and insightful artworks to share.


A depiction of balance

Depiction of balance by NaomiRose.

Oil pastel on paper by NaomiRose. ©

Art, when timeless…

“Art.. like someone you love.. cannot wait for the perfect time… Sometimes, it calls you… and when it does, you heed… no matter how busy you are…”
– Ria ·vix· Maria

Beast and Belle – art

beast and belle art

Faber Castell 2B (mechanical pencil) on paper, Feb. 25, 2017 ©


This drawing was done on February 25, 2017. I was busy at work… but then I decided to take a break and draw something I believed my eldest daughter, would appreciate. I promised her I’d draw something for her during summer. She would tease me I only draw when she’s not around… Well, that’s because it was still school time then.. but now it’s summer vacation I got no excuse.. :>

So that was it! I sketched a tiny drawing from a popular scene from the movie “Beauty and the Beast”… Obviously, the inspiration was the heroine of the movie, Emma Watson..  😎  …plus, for a reason that I want to keep to myself….  😀

When done, I showed it to her and she liked it very much. “Finally!” She said. And thanked me for it. <3

I know art takes time.. but sometimes you just have to let it flow.. and make the moment perfect. :>


Simple lines of love by NaIyah

“Art doesn’t have to be complicated and extraordinary to be appreciated…”
– Ria ·vix· Maria

My seven-year-old NaIyah’s art love letter

NaIyah's love letter to mom ©

Artwork by NaIyah on July 26, 2016. ©



My 7-yr old NaIyah drew this art love letter. She told me to post her artwork in China…. US… Japan……. Perhaps, what she truly meant was for me to post this for everyone to see.  And so, I included her artwork here to make it viewable anywhere else in the world. Maybe, it could inspire children like her to draw more.

Art doesn’t have to be complicated to be appreciated. It is about expression. And, it can be done with simple lines and colors.

My daughter knows how darn excited I am when it comes to art. So, I’m pretty sure that what she really wants is simply to make mommy smile… for real! True enough… her loving gesture expressed through art is more than enough to turn this art extra special.





This is not the first time I made a self-portrait but this is one of those that survived…

This was basically done using my mechanical pencil and a bit of touch of charcoal. I made it within minutes when everyone was mostly asleep… Around 3am…..

self-portrait no.1

self-portrait no.1


A hero’s bust – what it means to me

hero's bust - black and white iphoneography

A hero’s bust – B&W iphoneography by Ria Maria © Pasig City, Philippines, August 2014.


I was really amazed to see this bust of Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal. It can be seen on top of the gate of an old Mediterranean house along the main road of Kapasigan, Pasig City. I made a quick snap and luckily I captured the seemingly “crying of Rizal”… but actually, it was only a stream of dust across the face of the bust through the years.

Web Techie Boy, Michael Victor Gonzaga

“Thank God!” Yea! Those were the first words I mumbled when I found my way out of mess! I bet you would, too! Who wouldn’t? Especially, when you are already stressed out about doing things that you aren’t equipped with…

All of us are given that special darn talent. And if that is coupled with a sheer desire to create, working on a goal can be truly overwhelming. But let’s face facts. Time is precious. And so is our effort! You could be doing everything — like a crazy Jack-of-all-trades. But we do not need to embrace all the work if what we truly crave for is that scrumptious meal at the tip of the fishing line.

We are inherently social beings; each with a special expertise. That is what I had to learn when I began pursuing my goals. I cannot, and do not have to, do everything to get there.. I need special people with special powers. 🙂

Conceptualizing a website was all it takes to start out my dream. And I am just so happy that I found a techie web expert who is just within my reach. Michael Victor Gonzaga, the Taguig City Web Designer,  surely made website creation an easy task — like a Japanese chef preparing a sushi roll. 🙂

If you are dreaming a website of your own, don’t hesitate asking help from a genuine expert. I highly recommend: Michael Victor Gonzaga — all you will ever need to start and set your website up the way you dream it. 🙂

Feel free to view his portfolio. He is currently offering services such as web design, web creation, web development, logo creation, etc.


Michael Victor Gonzaga’s sample art design

A sample of Michael Victor Gonzaga’s design.