Vix Maria

Vix Maria

Biologist · Artist

I am a biologist and a life science writer by profession. I created vix·ph for me to channel my passion for an uncanny fusion: life science and art. When I am overwhelmed by a wave of biology facts and discourse, I find solace in the creative feat that art kindles. I find an inexplicable contentment seeing multifarious lines and colors take a harmonized form. Through this website, I intend to share my passion for art and my vast appreciation of life to anyone who can relate as much. Welcome to!

Tree silhouette

Traffic can really be boring… Good thing that taking a photo of about anything that strikes my attention can cure it sometimes… Just as what this photo is all about. It was taken along Mercedes Ave., Pasig City, Philippines. Filters were applied on this photo to make the tree appear like a silhouette on a sunny afternoon background.

Miracle in prayers, one heart

“The miracle lies in our hearts.”
I pray for everyone’s wellness. Whatever faith we believe in. We need each other to win this.

Yin and Yang by Vix

Yin and Yang, a depiction of two people intertwined in a painful, tight embrace.. even if it’s gonna hurt,… even if it means death.

Fan art tribute: Iron Man 3000

As a tribute, I made a mechanical pencil drawing of Iron Man … simply because I just couldn’t move on. As they said, “Some people move on… but not us.”

Young Naz’s art tribute to Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s passing compelled Naz to make a Stan Lee tribute. Surely, Stan Lee will be remembered and will continue to inspire artists – both young and old.

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July 1st, 0800 PhT: Relaunching of site

Hope you could all join me in the relaunching of! Watch out for it! Thanks!